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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT
FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Traditional Woodscrews

Traditional woodscrews are available in a variety of sizes at great prices. With a selection of heads using Pozi and slot recesses for a variety of uses, they are versatile wood screws suitable for any wood type. With a relatively wide shaft offering a strong hold into most wood. Being manufactured in A2 stainless steel and brass they offer a good level of resistance to corrosion. Used in a variety of situations other than for wood, they are ideal to use in plastic wall plugs due to their wide core and blunt thread.

Competitive prices with bulk discounts are available.

What are traditional woodscrews?

Traditional woods screws are a type of part threaded mechanical fastener and used in numerous situation other than with wood. Ideally suited for use with wall plugs due to their thicker shafts. With a wide range of head types which include countersunk, round head and raised countersunk heads to suit numerous situations.

What are traditional woodscrews used for?

Woodscrews are widely used across many situations to clamp items onto wood, chipboard, MDF and wood pulp-based materials of many types. With various head types to suit the job at hand.

What are traditional woodscrews made from?

Traditional wood screws are manufactured in various materials and here at Fusion Fixings are supplied in brass and A2 stainless steel.