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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Countersunk Socket Machine Screws

Socket countersunk machine screws in an extensive range of sizes and materials at competitive prices. Also known as Allen Key Screws, these machine screws have a deep hex drive recess for ease of tightening which can achieve higher torque and clamping force. The countersunk head also allows a flush finish to the surface of the material.

Available in a variety of sizes and manufactured in A2 stainless steel, steel, bright zinc plating (BZP), and self-colour.

What is a socket countersunk machine screw?

Countersunk socket machine screws are a type of threaded fastener that hosts a countersunk head that carries a deep hexagon recess. The hex socket recess offers a benefit over slotted heads as they are more resistant to cam-out and allow higher torque and clamping force.

What are countersunk machine screws used for?

Uses of the countersunk socket screws vary depending on the dimensions. Short socket screws are great for light-duty applications that need a strong joint. Larger versions are used in the automotive industries, industrial equipment, and electronic applications. The countersunk head allows for a flush finish to the surface of the material no matter the size.

What are socket countersunk machine screws made from?

The countersunk socket machine screws at Fusion Fixings come in a variety of materials including A2 stainless steel, steel with a bright zinc plating (BZP), and self-colour steel.