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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Round Lost Head Nails

Round lost head nails in a variety of sizes at competitive prices. A widely used nail with a small head that’s ideal for when you do not want to see a visible head. Available in A2 stainless steel for external use due to its resistance to corrosion.

What are round lost head nails?

Round lost head nails are a type of fastener / nail that is widely used. With a small head when compared to many other nails, it can be hammered to a point below the materials surface when a visible head is not required.

What are round lost head nails used for?

The round head nails are a widely used nail and often used in door jambs, floor boards and skirting boards. Used predominantly when head concealment is required. They are a thin nail with a very small head and used when round plain headed nails might split the wood.

What are lost head nails made from?

The lost head nails are supplied in bright steel and A2 stainless steel. Bright steel are to be used for internal situations with the A2 stainless steel varieties used for external applications due to their resistance to corrosion.