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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT
FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Form G Flat Washers

Form ‘G’ flat washers, available at competitive prices with bulk discounts available. Another versatile and widely used type of washer on the market. With an outer diameter 3 times the internal diameter makes it great for spreading the tension on heavy loads.

The larger external diameter of the washer can also be helpful when the hole size within the material is slightly too big. The larger size of the washer helps when the bolt or nut is being used for wood. It helps to prevent the fastening from being pulled into the wood surface when tightening.

Available in A2 stainless steel and bright zinc plated (BZP) with bulk discounts available.

What is a ‘Form G’ flat washer?

'Form G' flat washers are flattened circular discs of metal with a hole in the middle. The noticeable difference with Form 'G' washers is that the external diameter is 3 times the internal diameter.

What are flat washers used for?

Like many washers, the ‘Form G’ flat washers are used along with a screw, bolt, or nut. The washer helps to ensure the screw or bolt doesn’t become loose and helps distribute the fixing pressure over a larger surface area. The flat washers also help to protect the material surface from the nut and bolt.

What is the ‘Form G’ flat washer made from?

The ‘Form G’ flat washers are made from various materials and here at Fusion Fixings are supplied in A2 stainless steel and BZP - Bright Zinc Plated.  Both offering certain levels of corrosion resistance.