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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Wave Washers

Wave washers are available in various sizes at great prices. Wave washers get their name due to their wave-like shape. It’s this shape that produces the spring pressure when the washer is put under pressure and compressed when tightened. Also known as wave springs or coiled wave springs, they are designed to absorb shock when under load.

Bulk prices are available.

What are Wave Washers?

Wave washers are a light-duty washer with a central hole that have a slightly distorted shape and used in conjunction with various fasteners. Designed to function as a conventional washer but also has an element of locking and vibration resistance due to its shape.

What are Wave Washers used for?

Like other washers, the Wave Washers are used in conjunction with various fasteners and absorb stress due to axial compression, acting as a cushion. The wave distortion to the washer also allows for increased points of contact.

What are Wave Washers made from?

The Wave Washers are manufactured from A1 stainless steel which offers a limited resistance to corrosion