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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

TEK & Self-Drilling Screws

Large range of self-drilling screws in stock at great prices with bulk discounts

Self-drilling screws, known as Tek screws, available in a variety of diameters, lengths, and head types, at competitive prices. Noticeable by the drill bit like end that acts like a drill bit allowing the user to penetrate and quickly attach various materials without the need for pre-drilling a hole or thread tapping. 

How do self drilling screws work? Find out in out here >

What are self-drilling screws?

Self-drilling screws are also known as Tek screws and are a type of fastener with the ability to quickly attach material such as wood and metal together without the need for pre-drilling a hole.

The self-drilling screws have a drill like end to the screw which can drill its own pilot hole. This is combined with a strong self-tapping thread that will also cut their own thread into the material. A combination that sees this range of screws widely used.

What are self-drilling screws used for?

The self-drilling screws are used for a variety of industries due to their ability to self-drill and self-tap into a variety of materials quickly. Ideal when there is a need to fasten in volume. Widely used to attached sheet materials to another materials, or even to join metal to metal.

What are self-drilling screws made from?

Self-drilling screws are manufactured in various material and here at Fusion Fixings they are supplied in steel with a bright zinc plating. This gives the screws a medium level of resistance to corrosion.

The self-drilling screw range at Fusion Fixings

The growing range of self-drilling screws at Fusion Fixings are supplied in a large range of lengths with a range of heads to suit numerous requirements. The head types available include flanged hex head, countersunk (ideal when a flush finish is required), pan head, and wafer head.

All usable with a range of standard tools see’s them widely used.

Why choose Fusion Fixings?

Fusion Fixings is a family run business with over 40 years’ experience in the construction and fixings industry. Our aim is to bring you an extensive and growing range of fixings and fasteners at competitive prices.

This is combined with a growing number of the products being held in stock, many benefiting from bulk quantity discounts.

We specialise in providing an extensive range of over 20,000 high-quality products. These are constantly expanding with tailored quantities starting from just 1 to suit any task across many industries.