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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Mushroom Head Roofing Bolts

Mushroom head roofing bolts are available in a variety of sizes at competitive prices. With a wide, low-profile head that helps spread the holding force and ensures a secure hold that is less likely to damage the material. Known as roofing bolts, they are actually used in many different applications. Available in A2 stainless steel and BZP steel with slotted and cross-slotted varieties available.

Please note: The BZP roofing bolts are supplied with a square nut and the stainless-steel roofing bolts are supplied without nuts.

Roofing bolts

What are roofing bolts?

As the name suggests, roofing bolts, which are also known as mushroom head bolts, are a type of fastener with a wide low-profile head that allows the holding force to be spread over a larger area. This allows a more secure hold that is less likely to damage the material.

In general, roofing bolts are fully threaded which allows them to be more versatile. This allows them to be used for various applications as they can join thin or thick materials, dependent on how far the bolt needs to be installed.

What are roofing bolts used for?

Roofing bolts are used joining various materials together for a multitude of different applications other than roofing. While they are great for fixing metal to metal they are often used in conjunction with many different types of material.

What are the roofing bolts made from?

Roofing bolts are made form various materials and here at Fusion Fixings they are supplied in A2 stainless steel and steel with a bright zinc plating (BZP). Both offer levels of resistance to corrosion, with the A2 stainless steel variety offering the most robust corrosion resistance.