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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Connector Nuts

Connector nuts, also known as coupling nuts or extension nuts. Available in a circular or hexagonal profile in a variety of sizes and at great prices. Often used to join threaded bars and bolts together, they are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Available at Fusion Fixings in A2 stainless steel or bright zinc plated (BZP), with both offering levels of corrosion resistance.

Available in various diameters at competitive prices. Quantities start from just one with bulk price discounts available.

What is a connector nut?

A connector nut is known by a few different names including extension nuts, and coupling nuts. A nut that can be 3 times the length of a conventional nut. A long nut that is used to join sections of threaded bars and bolts together which are either hexagonal or circular in external appearance.

What are connector nuts used for?

Connector nuts are primarily used to connect sections of threaded bars or bolts together. Being much longer than a conventional nut, the length allows the ends of the bar to be threaded from each end. 

What are connector nuts made from?

The threaded connector nut is manufactured in A2 stainless steel, which offers a good level of resistance to corrosion, and bright zinc plated (BZP), which offers a mid-level resistance to corrosion.