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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Annular Ring Shank Nails

Annular ring shank nails are available in a variety of sizes at competitive prices. The ring shank nails are ideal when you need strength and holding power. With a flat circular head that makes it easier to strike. Primarily used with wood the nails have rings on the shank which provides an overall better grip and increased resistance from pull-out. Used mainly with wood, this type of nail is also commonly used for stud walls or deck boards.

What are Annular Ring Shank Nails?

Annular ring shank nails are a type of fastener with a flat round head which makes it easier to strike and helps with the overall holding power. They are known for their ridges along the shank that helps secure the nail giving it an increased pull-out load.

What are Annular Ring Shank Nails used for?

Primarily used as a fixing when used with wood and offer a secure fixing due it ribbed shank and the round flat head.

What are Annular Ring Shank Nails made from?

Supplied in a variety of finishes including bright steel for internal use, along with A2 stainless steel and Sheradised steel for more robust external use.

A2 stainless steel nails are resistant to corrosion due to the A2 stainless steel they are manufactured from. The Sheradised steel nails have been put through through a process that requires hot temperatures and rotation. This combination vaporises Zinc which then clings to the steel nails allowing a resistance to corrosion.