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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT
FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Shield Anchors, Hooks & Eyes

A range of shield anchors, hooks, and eyes at competitive prices. Known as ‘Rag Bolts’ they are known as one of the strongest fixings for masonry. The range includes a selection of hooks and eyes which are commonly used to secure such things as ladders and netting to rock faces. An expansion-based bolt that expands in a pre-drilled hole within the substrate to offer a strong and robust fixing.

Competitive prices with bulk discounts available across the range.

What are shield anchors?

Shield anchors are a heavy-duty, general-purpose expansion sleeves. An anchor that is placed within a pre-drilled hole and when tightened, expands within the hole for a secure fitting. Usable with a variety of bolts to suit the job at hand and the range of hooks and eyes above are specifically designed for use with the shield anchors.

What are shield anchors used for?

Shield anchors are used as an effective anchor for use with concrete and masonry. Ideal for securing such things as satellite dishes to walls. Also usable with a series of hooks and eyes that allow the anchor shield to hold and fix items like ladders that will stand proud of the surface.

What are shield anchors made from?

Shield anchors are manufactured in various materials and at Fusion Fixings they are supplied in A4 stainless steel, and Zinc plated steel. Both offer levels of resistance to corrosion with the A4 stainless steel being the more robust and should be a first choice for external work.