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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT
FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Flanged Hexagon Nuts

Serrated flange nuts, also known as flange head nuts are available in a variety of diameters at competitive prices. When you need a firmer hold the flange nut will be ideal. The increased holding ability of these nuts is due to the serrated flanged base of the nut. This is specifically designed to spread the load over a slightly wider surface area. This allows for a firmer hold, whilst exerting less pressure on the material and reduces the need for the use of a washer.

Available in A2 stainless steel and steel covered in bright zinc plating (BZP)

 For additional holding power combine the nut with one of our flanged hex bolts.

What is a flange nut?

A flanged nut is a standard nut with a hex profile but with a wider flange on one side which acts as an integrated washer. This wider area known as a flange and is designed to spread the load and tension of the fixing over a slightly wider surface area. This in turn allows for a firmer hold, whilst spreading the pressure on the material.

Some Flanged nuts come with serration on the flanged area to add extra holding power.

What are flanged nuts used for?

The flange nut, with its hex profile and larger flanged side, can be used wherever a conventional hex nut is used. The flanged area on one side of the nut allows for a firmer grip. The nuts are also used when the holes in the material are slightly oversized or irregular. The flanged area allows for grip on the surface and helps to cover and seal the hole. A versatile nut with increased uses and holding power due to the flanged addition to the nut.

What is a flange nut made from?

The flanged nuts are manufactured in various materials with the most common being A2 stainless steel and BZP – Bright Zinc Plating. Both offer corrosion resistance with the A2 stainless steel offering longer term resistance.