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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Square Nuts

Square nuts are available in various sizes at competitive prices with bulk discounts available. Also known as square head nuts, they are four-sided nuts with a large contact area. This offers a tighter hold in comparison to conventional hexagonal nuts. The square shape means they are less susceptible to rounding off, making them more suitable for repeated loosening and tightening.

Available in A2 stainless steel and steel covered in a bright zinc plating (BZP), both offer levels of corrosion resistance.

What is a square nut?

A square nut is a fastening with four sides with an internal thread and predominantly used with square headed bolts. Heavily used before the introduction of the more commonly used hexagon bolt.

What are square nuts used for?

Square nuts can be used in numerous situations, as with the more conventional hex nuts, but are commonly used in furniture. Due to their shape, they are also used in rail channels to prevent turning when pressure is applied.

What are square nuts made from?

Square nuts can be manufactured from a variety of material and here at Fusion Fixings are manufactured from A2 stainless steel, which offer a good resistance to corrosion and BZP (Bright Zinc Plating) which offer a mid-level resistance to corrosion.