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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Captive Spire Clips & Nuts

A range of fasteners designed to provide an effective solution to the problem of using machine screws or self-tapping screws with thinner substrates like sheet metal, fibreboard, and hardboard. Commonly used with thinner sheet materials, panels, and bodywork where they offer an attachment that allows the use of self-tapping screws and bolts. Often seen in the motor industries for fixing body panels.


What are chimney lug nuts and captive 'U' clips

Chimney lug nuts and 'U' clips are a type of spring fastener, which opens to accommodate the material they are being pushed onto. The design allows for grip of the substrate with both then being secured with specific fasteners.

What are lug nuts and 'U' clips used for?

Used primarily with thinner materials like thin steel and panels, where strong and effective joining of two panels is required, and commonly used in bodywork. The spring fasteners are pushed onto the substrates, which then offers a fixing for a bolt or self tapping screw to be used.

What are lug nuts and 'U' clips used made from?

The fasteners are supplied with in zinc plated steel which can be supplied with either a yellow tint appearance or more of a bright zinc appearance. This is due to the zinc passivation process, but both offer the same level of resistance to corrosion.