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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Barrel Nuts

Countersunk barrel nuts are available in a variety of diameters with bulk discounts. Ideal for clamping two pieces of material together when used with various machine screws and bolts. Used in various situations but are ideal when a clean and flush finish is required. Ideal for use on signage, playgrounds, and various ironmongery etc.

Manufactured from A1 stainless steel which offers a mid-level of resistance to corrosion.

What are Barrel nuts?

The Barrel nuts are internally threaded nuts for use with machine screws. The counter sunk head of this component allowing it to sit flush with a target housing.

What are Barrel nuts used for?

Barrel nuts can be used for multiple applications and in general terms are used for clamping two pieces of material together when used with machine screws. A versatile product with a multitude of applications. The countersunk nuts allow for a high strength, flush fixing, with the male machine screw fastening into the internally threaded female nut. Ideal in applications where the need for high strength, flush fixings is required.

When strength, aesthetics and health & safety are required, the barrel nut, alongside a machine screw, is ideal. The flush, countersunk head helps to reduce harm or damage of external objects by providing a pleasant and aesthetic appearance flush to the surface of the material.

What are Barrel Nuts made of?

The barrel nuts here at Fusion Fixings are made from A1 Stainless Steel. This is a free-machining variant of stainless steel. It does lack the harsh environmental resistance of some other high-performance grades of stainless steel but is a versatile all-round material.

As with many products here at Fusion Fixings, there are bulk quantity discounts available across the range.