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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Insulation Fixings

A range of insulation fixings at competitive prices. A range of plastic and metal insulation fixings, specially designed to secure various insulation to walls etc. The noticeably larger circular head of these fixings ensures the best hold possible.

Available in a variety of lengths for use with today’s insulation requirements. The metal insulation discs are installed with a screw long enough to accommodate the insulation being installed. The plastic and metal insulation anchors are designed to be hammered into a pre-drilled hole with the large head making for easy insulation retention.

What are insulation fixings?

Insulation fixings are noticeable due to their large head design. They are specifically designed with a large head as this helps to hold various materials in place. There are various types with versions that have a shaft and others that are just a disc that are used with a variety of screws.

The metal insulation discs are the discs used in conjunction with a screw which needs to accommodate the thickness of the insulation material. The metal and plastic anchors are designed to be hammered in place and are available in a variety of lengths.

What are insulation fixings used for?

Insulation fixings are used specifically to hold various insulation in place, hence the much larger head of these fasteners. The larger head or disc spreads the holding pressure over a large area allowing the fixings to grip and hold the material in place.

What are insulation fixings mad from?

The fixings used to hold insulation in place are supplied from Fusion Fixings in plastic and carbon steel with a zinc finish.