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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Drop-In Anchors

Drop-in anchors are available in a variety of sizes and are designed for anchoring into concrete. The drop-in anchor is dropped into the pre-drilled hole with the threaded end upwards. Using an insert setting tool, the drop-In anchor is hammered in place and fully set. This offers a secure fixing to screw in the required bolt or threaded bar.

The added benefit of using a drop-in anchor is that the bolt or threaded bar can be removed later if needed, leaving the drop-in anchor in place to be re-used.

Available with bulk discounts across the range.

What is a drop-in anchor?

A drop-in anchor is a cylindrical unit with a female thread designed for use for anchoring bolts and threaded bar into concrete. An added benefit of the drop-in anchors is that it can be re-used allowing the bolt or threaded bar to be removed.

What are drop-in anchors used for?

Drop-in anchors are used primarily to fix items to concrete. The drop-in anchor is placed into a pre-drilled hole and set with the appropriate setting tool. This then allows a bolt or threaded bar to be screws in to the anchor point. The drop-in anchors can be used with bolts and threaded bar and allow the bolts to be removed if needed, leaving the anchor in place within the concrete for re-use if needed.  

What are drop-in anchors made from?

Drop-in anchors are manufactured from various materials and here at Fusion Fixings are supplied in two varieties. One with a zinc and yellow passivation and A4 stainless steel, with the A4 stainless steel offer the best resistance to corrosion.