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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT
FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT
Great prices and bulk discounts on self-drilling screws with a flanged hexagon head, noticeable due to their drill bit appearance to the head of the screw.

Flanged Hex Head Self-Drilling Screws, BZP, DIN 7504 K

A range of flanged, hex head, self drilling screws

Self-drilling screws with a flanged hex head at competitive prices. Noticeable due to the drill-like end that acts like a drill bit.

This allows the screw to drill its own pilot hole and quickly attach material such as steel, aluminium, and composites to timber or steel sections without the need for pre-drilling a hole. Supplied with a bright zinc plating for mid-level resistance to corrosion.

Bulk discounts across the range and part of a growing range of self drilling screws from Fusion Fixings.