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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT
FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Machine Screws

An extensive range of machine screws is available in a variety of diameters, head types, and lengths at competitive prices. Typically designed with a more accurate thread than other fastener types. Manufactured in A2 and A4 stainless steel, and steel with a bright zinc plating (BZP), along with either a slotted or Pozi drive recess. Available in a variety of head types which include countersunk screws, pan head screws, and cheese head screws.

Competitive prices with bulk discounts are available across the range at Fusion Fixings.

What is a Machine Screw?

Machine screws are very similar to a bolt and are a type of fastener which are used to join material together. Often used for fastening metal parts securely in machinery or construction. A versatile screw that is also used in vehicles, engines, tool assembly, and various electronic devices.

Their wide variety of uses means that machine screws are usually deemed as stronger, generally manufactured to higher standards and using more refined techniques. This provides more of an overall quality, precision, and thread uniformity.

It’s not always the case, but most machine screws are fully threaded. Which simply means the thread runs the full length of the screw, from just below the head to the very end.

What are Machine Screws used for?

In general, machine screws tend to be used where there is a need for securely fixing various metal parts and panels together. This is in great demand across various situations, including all manner of industrial, manufacturing, construction assembly and production environments, to name but a few.

What are Machine Screws made from?

Machine Screws are manufactured using a various material and here at Fusion Fixings they are supplied in A2 and A4 stainless steel and a bright zinc plated (BZP) steel. All offer various levels of resistance to corrosion with the A4 stainless steel being the most effective and robust.