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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Hexagon Bolts

Hexagon Bolts, also known as hex bolts are a popular product with an extensive range here at Fusion Fixings, all at competitive prices. Optimised for strength through thick shanks and partial threading, these bolts are used to suit many tasks across various industries. Available in numerous sizes with metric, UNC, and UNF threads. Manufactured in various materials, there’s an extensive range available.

With quantities starting from just one and bulk quantity discounts available across the entire range.

Need the nuts to go with the bolts? There is a large range of hexagon nuts available.

What are Hexagon Bolts?

Hexagon bolts, or hex bolts as they are commonly called, feature a six-sided forged head with a half-thread shank. Hex bolts are used either in conjunction with nuts to secure two objects together or in a pre-tapped hole depending on the application. It features a part threaded shank which increases the shearing capacity and elasticity of the joints, reducing repair and maintenance costs. The hex bolts are robust, versatile, easy to work with, and can be fastened using a spanner or standard wrench, which makes them very versatile.

What are Hexagon Bolts used for?

Fusion Fixings hex bolts are used for heavy-duty fastening with materials like wood, steel, alloys, and allied metals. Used by manufacturers, home repair companies, and hobbyists. Hexagon bolts are a brilliant choice for high torque and high-tension applications.

    Hex bolts threads

    Metric Threads

    Metric products are measured in millimetres (mm) when specifying their diameter, length, and thread pitch. Our range of metric hex bolts covers metric coarse threads, metric fine threads and metric extra fine threads providing a full range of strengths and fastening capabilities. The most common thread type is metric coarse which is assumed when there is no specified pitch. Our metric fine and extra-fine bolts offer a greater hold and overall strength when applied due to their smaller thread pitches. All our versatile thread types work well in a vast range of applications and are used across all industries such as DIY, engineering, joinery, and construction.

    Imperial Threads

    Imperial products commonly make use of inches when specifying their diameter and length, as well as the number of threads per inch (TPI) when specifying pitch. Our range of imperial hex bolts covers Unified National Coarse threads (UNC) and Unified National Fine (UNF) threads. UNC is the standard, most common imperial thread type whilst the UNF thread provides a finer pitch for more specific applications that require more secure fastening and greater overall strength. Imperial threads are mostly used in American made and older English applications and have a big presence in the automotive and restoration industries.

    Hex bolts materials and finishes

    A2 Stainless Steel

    A2 grade stainless steel is also referred to as 304 or 18/8 steel, due to the alloy being comprised of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. The higher level of chromium helps the alloy resist and prevent further spreading of corrosion and staining that may occur within certain types of applications. Our A2 stainless hex bolts are a great choice when a higher level of corrosion resistance is required and have a big presence in marine applications.

    Zinc Plated

    Zinc plated passivation is one of the more common finishes on steel products due to its affordable price and is readily available across most fixings and fasteners. The applied layer of zinc provides a galvanized protection to the steel helping to prevent oxidization. However, due to the coating only being thin, whilst it does provide resistance to moisture, it will struggle to prevent rusting when used outside for longer periods. Our range of zinc plated bolts covers zinc-plated, transparent passivated, also known as Bright Zinc Plated (BZP) for the more common thread types, as well as zinc plated, yellow-chromated, also known as Zinc Yellow Passivated (ZYP) for finer thread types such as our metric fine and extra-fine hex bolts.

    Why choose Fusion Fixings?

    • Here at Fusion Fixings, our Hex Bolts are graded, certified, and manufactured as per global quality standards.
    • We specialise in providing an extensive range of over 20,000 high-quality products and are constantly expanding.
    • We offer tailored quantities starting from 1 to suit any task across all industries.
    • Competitive prices and bulk quantity discounts available across the full range.
    • Same day dispatch on most orders.