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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve anchor bolts

Sleeve anchor bolts, available in a variety of materials and sizes at competitive prices. Used as an effective fixing in various substrates like concrete, stone, and brickwork.

Applied within pre-drilled holes and when tightened pulls the tapered cone into the sleeve causing it to expand locking it securely in place.

For more information take a look at our 'what are sleeve anchors' page.

Available with a selection of head types and materials to suit numerous applications.

What are sleeve anchors and how do they work?

Sleeve anchors are a type of mechanical fastener that uses friction and expansion to offer a firm and secure hold within pre-drilled holes.

When the sleeve anchor is installed the internal bolt with it's cone shaped end is pulled into the sleeve. This causes the sleeve to expand against the wall of the hole which secures the fixings

What are sleeve anchor bolts used for?

Sleeve anchors are used in fixing materials to substrates such as concreate. Used in pre-drilled holes, where tightening of the bolt pulls the taper cone into the sleeve which causes it to expand against the walls of the pre-drilled holes. This in turn secures the sleeve anchor bolt in place.

What are sleeve anchors made from?

Sleeve anchors bolts are supplied from Fusion Fixings in A4 stainless steel, zinc & yellow, and A2 stainless steel. All offer levels of corrosion resistance with the A4 stainless steel offering the most robust and long-lasting resistance to corrosion.

For more information on sleeve anchors, take look at or 'What are Sleeve Anchors' article.