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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Square Twist Nails

Square twist nails are available at great prices. Specifically designed for fixings joist hangers, brackets, and straps in building works. The nails are often used where wood is likely to shrink or shift due to weather and environmental conditions.  A versatile nail known to have exceptional resistance to pull-out due to its screw-like grip and the spiral flutes along its shanks.

What are Square Twist Nails?

Square twist nails are a type of fastener that have been designed with a unique screw like twist in its shaft. This shaft design gives it exceptional resistance to being pull-out and offers more permanent grip than standard nails.

What are Square Twist Nails used for?

The square twist nails are a versatile nail but often used for fixing such items as metal work joists, hangers, and straps in building works. There unique twisted shaft helps to absorb movement associated in construction and offers great resistance to pull-out.

What are Square Twist Nails made from?

Manufactured in various materials and supplied form Fusion Fixings with a galvanised version and sheradised version.

Sheradised square twist nails

Sheradised nails resist corrosion due to the sheradised process. This process sees the material heated to a high temperature and placed into a rotating drum along with Zinc dust. The overall temperatures are kept high and with the rotation of the drum, the zinc evaporates and binds to the materials surface giving it a level of resistance to corrosion.

Sheradising offers one advantage in that it allows for a much more robust and complete coverage to the steel due to the vaporisation process. This allows for less weak areas where there is a reduced amount of corrosion resistance.

Glavanised square twist nails

Galvanised nails offer a level of corrosion resistance due to the galvanising process. This sees the nails dipped into a hot zinc material that coats the nails. Due to the temperature, the coating becomes an inherent part of the steel offering a robust resistant coating.