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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Dowel Pins

A range of metal dowel pins

Precision ground metal dowel pins available in a variety of sizes at competitive prices. Also known as retaining rod, locating pins, and lock pins. Often used in precision engineering applications to accurately locate and align objects.

When the metal pin is inserted into concentric holes in two or more components, it locates and holds them together. A tight fit is advised when using the pins which will generate significant friction to hold the pin securely.

Available in a good range of sizes with bulk discounts available.

What is a metal dowel pin?

A dowel pin is a small rod of metal with a very accurate diameter.

What are dowel pins used for?

The dowel pins are used to align and join machine parts and materials together. Manufactured with a very accurate diameter and is for use in precision engineering. The extractable variety carries an internal thread to aid in the extraction of the dowel.

What are dowel pins made from?

Dowel pins are supplied by Fusion Fixings in A1 stainless steel and mild steel