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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT
FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Wood & Timber Screws

An extensive range of wood and timber screws available at great prices with bulk discounts.  With a huge selection of sizes, threads, drives, materials, and head types, there will be a screw for any task. A versatile range to work with softwood, hardwood, plywood, MDF, and various timbers. The various designs make them ideal for numerous applications across woodwork, joinery, and the construction industry.

A comprehensive range with quantities starting from just one and bulk discounts available.

What are wood / timber screws?

Wood and timber screws are a type of mechanical fastener manufactured in the same materials as many other screws but are for use with wood. They come in many sizes and materials, with various drives, heads, and threads.

What are wood and timber screws used for?

Wood and timber screws, as the name suggests, are primarily used to join and fix wooden workpieces across numerous industries.

What are wood and timber screws made from?

Wood screws are certainly not made from wood and in fact made form many of the materials used in other screws. These include A2 stainless steel, A4 stainless steel, brass, with various passivation and corrosion resistant properties.