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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT
FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Hexagon Flanged Bolts

Flanged hex bolts will be ideal when you need a slightly firmer hold. Available in various sizes and at competitive prices. The increased holding ability of these flanged bolts is due to the flanged head which is specifically designed to spread the load over a slightly wider surface area.

This allows for a firmer hold, whilst exerting less pressure on the material and reduces the need for the use of a washer. Available in metric A2 stainless steel and with a serrated version for additional holding power, all at competitive prices.

For increased holding power combine the bolt with one of our flanged nuts.

What are Flanged Bolts?

Flanged bolts, also known as flanged hex bolts, are slightly different from other conventional bolts. It has a much wider surface area under the bolt head which is designed to provide more of an even distribution of pressure when clamping the material. This wider area below the bolt head acts as a washer, reducing the need to add a separate washer when using this bolt. This bolt is also available as a serrated version, which has small serrations on the wide surface area under the head and adds increased grip for the bolt.

What are Flanged Bolts used for?

Flanged hex bolts are used wherever a conventional bolt is used but the large, flanged area under the bolt head allows for a firmer grip. The bolts are also used when the holes in the material are oversized or irregular as the flanged area allows for grip on the surface. A versatile bolt with increased uses and holding power.

Flange bolt and nut combination

In addition to the hex flanged bolt, there are specifically designed flanged nuts. These are like conventional nuts but are also designed with a larger surface area. This, like the bolt, is designed to spread the pressure when clamping onto the surface. The flange bolt and nut work very well together and in many cases will eliminate the need to include a washer.

Ideal when you need the extra grip!

If the proper torque on a flanged bolt and nut combination is applied, it can ensure that it’s difficult to become loose by itself. If applied correctly, only a direct external force will loosen the bolts.

Being slightly different from conventional bolts, the flanged bolts are designed to hold connections effectively without loosening and are considered standard in most industrial applications where secure connections are critical.

What are the Flanged Bolts made from?

The bolts are constructed using A2 stainless steel, also referred to as 304 or 18/8 steel, due to the alloy being comprised of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. The higher level of chromium helps the alloy resist and prevent further spreading of corrosion and staining that may occur within certain types of applications.

Our A2 stainless steel flanged hex bolts are an excellent choice when a higher level of corrosion resistance is required and are used heavily in marine applications. Don’t forget, if you use stainless steel bolts always use stainless steel nuts.

Metric threads

The metric products are measured in millimetres (mm) when specifying their diameter, length, and thread pitch.

Why choose Fusion Fixings?

  • Here at Fusion Fixings, our bolts are graded, certified, and manufactured as per global quality standards.

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