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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT
FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Collated Nails & Fuel Cells

Collated nails and nail gun fuel cells at competitive prices. FirmaHold collated nails, for use with various nail guns, making mass insertion quicker and easier. The nails are connected with stripes for easy, effortless, and quick-fire installation. Often used in the construction and carpentry industries for speed and efficiency.

The range consists of FirmaHold straight and angled brad nails, both with and without nail gun gas, along with FirmaHold clipped head nails with and without gas. Suitable for a range of nail guns including Paslode, Makita, Hikoki, Bostitch, and DeWalt.

What are collated nails?

The FirmaHold collated nails are simply sets of nails that are collated or joined together with paper tape which allows them to be fired out of a  range of popular nail guns. Various sizes available to suit numerous applications.

What are collated nails used for?

The collated FirmaHold nails are used in various nail guns and allow for very quick and mass insertion into a variety of materials. Often used in the carpentry and construction industries where speed and efficiency are needed.

What are collated nails made from?

The collated nails here at Fusion Fixings are supplied in stainless steel or a galvanised version.