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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Hole Saws & Accessories

A range of hole saws and related accessories at competitive prices

A range of hole saws for use with wood, plastic, and metal. Known as hole cutters they are designed specifically for drilling perfectly round holes in a workpiece. Essentially a saw blade of a circular shape that creates a hole in the material without the need for cutting up the core material. Available from top brands like Makita and Abracs. Holes saws, hole saw arbors and hole saw sets are available.

What are hole saws?

Hole saws are known as hole cutters, and are specifically designed metal circular saw blades. Classed as drill bits due to them being used with a range of power tools. Essentially a cylindrical shaped saw blade of varying sizes. At the centre of the hole saw there is something called a drill pilot, which is used to centre the saw blade and aid in an accurate cut. Many hole saws also have slots on the side which are designed to aid in the removal of debris.

What are hole saws used for?

Hole saws are specifically designed to allow the user to bore out a perfectly circular hole in a variety of materials. Generally much wider than the diameter of most standard drill bits. The hole saws are attached / mounted to your power tool of choice via an item called an arbor. This is used to grip another moving tool component.

The hole saws are very popular within the electrical and plumbing trades and are generally seen as much more efficient than using flat head and twist drill bits.

Often used for drilling big, deep holes or enlarging existing holes with relative ease, depending on the material being used.