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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Cheese Head Machine Screws

Cheese head machine screws in various diameters, lengths, and materials. Available at competitive prices with bulk discounts available. Cheese head machine screws are named as such due to the screw heads' similarity in shape and appearance to that of a wheel of cheese. These machine screws usually feature a slot drive and the deep head allows for a deep slot recess. Often used in appliance manufacture, electrical fixing components, and within the automotive industry.

What are Cheese Head Machine Screws?

Cheese Head Machine Screws are a type of fastener and primarily used to join metal parts together. The name is based on the fact that the screw head resembles a wheel of cheese.

What are Cheese Head Machine Screws used for?

Cheese Head Screws are versatile but are primarily used for use in various appliances, the automotive industries, and the fixing of various electrical components. The relatively deep head makes them suitable for recessing and the use of slot drives.

What are Cheese Head Machine Screws made from?

The Machine Screws are supplied at Fusion Fixings in a variety of materials including A2 stainless steel, brass and Nylon. All offering certain qualities and resistance to corrosion that allow uses across numerous industries.