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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT

Flanged Nylon Insert Nuts

Flanged nylon insert nuts, also known as Nyloc flange nuts offer great holding ability. The increased holding ability of these nuts is a combination of the flanged base and the nylon insert.

The flanged base of the nut is specifically designed to spread the load over a slightly wider surface area and reduce the need for a washer. In addition, the nylon insert adds additional pressure to the bolt which allows for a firmer hold. An added benefit of these nuts is that the nylon insert presses against the bolt which helps against the ingress of various liquids like oil, water, and petrol.

Available in A2 stainless steel at competitive prices.

What is a flanged nylon insert nut?

A flanged nylon insert nut is like many of the hexagonal nuts on the market but has two features that increase its effectiveness. The nut has a hexagonal profile with a flange on the base, and a nylon insert. Both of these adding holder ability to the nut. 

What are flanged nylon insert nuts used for?

Like nuts in general, the flanged nylon insert nut will be used in conjunction with a bolt to tighten sheets of material together. They are also used if the hole is too big for a traditional sized nut as the flange on the bolt is able to cover the hole. They are also effective when the ingress of liquids might be a concern as the nylon insert acts as a seal.

What are the flanged nylon insert nuts made from?

The flange nuts are made from A2 stainless steel which offer a good level of resistance to corrosion, ideal for internal and external use.