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What are Lost Tite screws?

What are Lost Tite screws?

Lost Tite screws for a concealed fixing!

The simple answer is that Lost Tite screws are a wood screw that has been specifically designed for use with skirting and tongue & groove where a concealed installation is needed.

Their specific design doesn’t restrict their use, and they are widely used across many situations and with a variety of timber including hardwood, softwood, and fibre boards.

Let’s take a closer look...

Lost Tite Screws

Lost Tite screws are a great time saving alternative to many other wood screws available. With a very small countersunk head, which allows for a concealed installation, they are particularly useful when installing material such as tongue & groove.

They eliminate the need for messy glues, pins, nails, and pre-drilling holes for more conventional woodscrews.

With a tiny countersunk head, self-tapping threads with high pull-out resistance, sharp threaded tips for easy insertion, and an additional threaded section under the head which adds additional pull-out resistance, they certainly get the job done.

Key features of Lost-Tite screws

Lost-Tite screws are a specific type of screw designed for a concealed fastening, particularly useful when installing tongue & groove, cladding, and flooring.

They offer several advantages compared to traditional nails or other fasteners:

Small head for a concealed finish - The head of the screw is countersunk and very small when compared to many other screws. The combination of a small size and the countersunk shape allows the screw to be driven in flush or below the materials surface for a concealed finish.

This is very useful when installing tongue & groove but with the insertion hole being so small, the hole can simply be filled in very easily when used in other situations.

Torx recess: The Lost Tite screws are manufactured with a Torx recess which provides fantastic grip within the small head and great torque control during installation.

This Torx recess also reduces the risk of cam-out (slipping of the driver bit) allowing for a controlled and accurate installation of many materials.

Self-tapping: These wood screws also have a sharp threaded tip that allows for a quick installation. There is also a coarser thread above the tip that can cut its own path into the wood. This combination eliminates the need for any pre-drilling in most cases.

There is also an additional section of thread just below the countersunk head which also aids in the high pull-out resistance the Lost Tite screw offers. This is especially important with tongue & groove and flooring which can flex.

Removable: Despite the small countersunk head, the screws can be removed if needed. This provides flexibility for future adjustments or repairs. The use of these screws also eliminates the need for nails and messy glues.

Lost Tite Screws information image illustrating the key features of this wood screw from Fusion Fixings

What can you use Lost Tite screws for?

Lost Tite screws are a versatile wood screw but come into their own for many situations. A great time saving wood screw that is used by DIY enthusiasts and professional alike.

Ideal for many applications including the following:

  • Tongue and groove cladding: Securing tongue and groove boards for walls, ceilings, or shed siding.
  • Flooring: Installing laminate, engineered wood, or subfloor panels.
  • Furniture assembly: Joining wood components discreetly, especially when aesthetics is important.
  • Other woodwork: A great option with general woodworking projects where a clean, concealed fastening is desired. The screw can be inserted below the materials surface and with the hole created being small, can then be filled in.

Overall, Lost-Tite screws are a versatile option for projects requiring a strong, concealed fastening in wood.

The following video from Charlie DIY shows the Lost Tite screw in action, their unique features and demonstrates the ease of which they can be installed.

Where can I buy Lost Tite screws?

There is a selection of Lost Tite screws available at Fusion Fixing at competitive prices but why choose Fusion Fixings?

Fusion Fixings is a family run business with over 40 years of experience in the construction and fixings industry.

The aim is to bring you a growing selection of fixings and fasteners held in stock at competitive prices with bulk discounts across many lines.

Lost Tite Screws image from Fusion Fixings

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