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Tongue Tite screws from Fusion Fixings. What are Tongue Tite Screws and where to buy them

Tongue Tite Screws

What are Tongue Tite screws and what are they used for?

Tongue Tite screw product image. Part of a growing range from Fusion Fixings

The simple answer is that they are a type of wood screw used for installing tongue and groove. They are also used with several types of flooring, wood panel requirements, and general woodworking projects.

They are ideally suited to the task with their small countersunk head which allows the screws to be almost concealed when inserted, while the threads offer quick insertion times and high pull-out resistance.

The tongue-tite screws are manufactured with a twin threaded tip allowing a fast and efficient insertion time. They also include the addition of a single coarse thread on the shank that easily drives the screw into place with high pull-out resistance.

These wood screws are manufactured with an overall high core strength to help prevent snapping, even when the material flexes as you might see when used with flooring.

The Tongue Tite screws supplied by Fusion Fixings use a Torx recess allowing for great grip and control during installation. Each of the boxes of 200 also comes supplied with 2 FREE driver bits, so there is no looking around for the correct sizes bit.

Designed for a specific job, these screws are used across many industries when working with wood, which makes them a versatile wood screw. This sees them used by both DIY enthusiasts and professional alike.

Tongue Tite Screw Features

The Tongue Tite screws have some notable features that make them a popular choice, especially when installing flooring or tongue and groove when the screw needs to be hidden.

  • Small countersunk head that allows it to be concealed during installation
  • Strong overall core strength which helps to prevent it from snapping
  • Coarse upper thread that helps drive the screw into place while offering high pull-out resistance
  • A twin threaded point which ensures a quick insertion time
  • Torx recess which allows for great grip and control during installation

Tongue Tite Screws information panel

In addition to the physical screws themselves these versatile wood screws also offer additional benefits.

Tongue Tite Screw Additional Benefits

  • The screws are removable with little fuss and in most case does not require a pilot hole
  • The screws can be used without the need for messy glues or additional nails
  • Clamps the timber securely and once driven in, will stay in, so no squeaky boards
  • The screws also offer additional flexibility for external use as there is a stainless-steel Tongue Tite screw available. These stainless-steel screws offer excellent corrosion resistance.

A versatile and reliable tongue & groove screw specifically designed for use with tongue and groove, hardwoods, softwoods, fibre boards, pressure treated wood, decking, flooring, and cladding.

Why choose Fusion Fixings?

Fusion Fixings is a family run business with over 40 years of experience in the construction and fixings industry. Our aim is to bring you a range of quality, dependable, fixings and fasteners at competitive prices.

Quantities starting from just one to as many as you like, with bulk price offers across many of our products. The range is always growing, and our aim is to ensure we hold as many items as possible in stock for a speedy dispatch.

Where can I buy Tongue Tite Screws?

Fusion Fixings has a growing range of wood screws available which includes a selection of Tongue Tite screws at competitive prices with bulk discounts available.

Tongue Tite Screws  - Part of growing range of Tongue-tite screw from Fusion Fixings

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