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What are drop-in anchors and how to use them

What are drop-in anchors?

Drop-in anchors are an effective solution that creates a secure threaded insert within hard material like concrete.

When fixed correctly into material like concrete they allow a bolt or screw to be installed which in turn allows material to be fixed securely in place.

Once installed, the drop-in anchors also allow for the fixing to be removed and replaced if needed.

Let's have a more detailed look at drop-in anchors and how they work!

Here at Fusion Fixings, there are two types which includes one with a lip and one without. The version with a lip ensures that the anchor can sit flush with the materials surface.

How do drop in anchors work?

Drop-in anchors use a straightforward process where the end of the anchor expands against the internal walls of the pre-drilled hole which allows for a secure hold.

This is achieved with the anchor being placed into a pre-drilled hole and the internal section being hit / set with a drop-in anchor setting tool.

This installation process expands the end of the drop-in anchor against the walls of the pre-drilled hole and secures in in place.

Once secured, a bolt or screw can be used to secure items in place.

Key Features of Drop-In Anchors

High Load Capacity: If installed correctly, the range of drop-in anchors are designed to support heavy loads, making them suitable for structural applications and heavy-duty fixtures.

Ease of Installation: While the installation requires some specific steps, drop-in anchors are generally straightforward to install with the right tools and allow for a secure fixing.

Corrosion Resistance: Like many fixings and fasteners on the market, drop-in anchors are manufactured from a range of materials including stainless steel, zinc-plated steel, and steel with a zinc and yellow passivation.

All provide various degrees of corrosion resistance making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

How to Install drop-In anchors

Installing drop-in anchors does take a few simple steps and if done correctly will offer a secure internal thread with-in concrete allowing a screw or bolt to fit various items in place.

Drill the Hole: The first step is to drill the correctly sizes hole into the concrete, ensuring the hole diameter should matches the anchor size.

The depth should be equal to or slightly greater than the length of the bolt or screw being used. If the hole is to deep there is a chance the drop-in anchor can fall to deeply into the hole.

Clean the Hole: Cleaning the drilled hole effectively is something that is often overlooked. It is important for a secure and reliable hold that any dust and debris from the hole is removed as best as possible.

If the dust and debris is not removed it can reduce the effectiveness of the hold the drop-in anchor has on the internal walls of the drilled hole.

Insert and set the Anchor: Place the drop-in anchor into the hole ensuring the hole is not to long as to leave the anchor to deep for the bolt or screw being used.

Once in place it is a simple matter of setting the anchor which expands the lower section of the anchor against internal the walls of the hole.

This is best done with a drop-in anchor setting tool to expand the anchor. Insert the setting tool into the centre of the anchor with the pre-drilled hole and strike it with a hammer.

This action expands and forces the end section of the anchor against the pre-drilled holes walls. This action should be repeated until the anchor is fully expanded and secured in the hole.

Install the Fixture: Once the anchor is fully set, thread the bolt or screw into the anchor to attach the fixture securely.

What are drop-In anchors used for?

Drop-in anchors are used in a variety of applications due to their strong hold and common uses include the following.

Securing Structural Elements: In construction, drop-in anchors are used to secure structural components like steel columns and beams to concrete foundations.

Mounting Heavy Equipment: These anchors are ideal for mounting heavy machinery and equipment to concrete floors or walls.

Installing Suspended Ceilings: Drop-in anchors provide a secure fastening point for the hangers used in suspended ceiling systems.

Fixing Safety Barriers and Railings: For safety applications, drop-in anchors are employed to secure barriers and railings to concrete surfaces.

Drop-in Anchors at Fusion Fixings

Drop-in anchors at Fusion Fixings are supplied in A4 stainless steel and a lipped and none-lipped version with a zinc and yellow passivation.

The lipped version ensure that the anchor can sit flush with the surface of the material and often used to ensure the anchor does not sink to deep into the predrilled hole.

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