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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT
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Nyloc nuts – what are they and why use them?

The simple answer is that Nyloc nuts are hexagonal nuts with an added internal nylon collar.
This nylon collar helps to prevent the bolt from loosening due to vibration and movement along with stopping the ingress of liquids.

How do Nyloc nuts work?

Nyloc nuts work the same as any other hexagonal nut. The difference between Nyloc nuts and traditional hex nuts is the internal nylon collar associated with Nyloc nuts.

When the Nyloc nut is installed the threads of the fixings cut into the internal nylon collar. This helps to ensure a secure hold and helps to reduce loosening due to vibration and movement.

The bonus is that due to the threads of the fastener cutting into the internal nylon collar, a tight seal is formed and helps to reduce the ingress of liquids.

Information images for the M6 Nyloc Nut, (Nylon Insert Nut) T Type, BZP Grade 6, DIN 985

Why use Nyloc nuts?

A good question, as Nyloc nuts are like any other hex nut with the exception they contain an internal nylon collar. This makes them ideal when the fixing is subject to vibration or excessive movement.

The internal nylon collar essentially offers a secure hold while offering flexibility with movement and vibration.

When were Nyloc nuts invented?

With a little research, it appears that Nyloc nuts were invented in 1931 by a company called USM (United Shoe Machinery).

The design of the Nyloc nut was seen as a significant advancement in fasteners technology that offered a reliable and effective method of preventing nuts from loosening over time.

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