Coach Bolts

What are Coach Bolts used for?

Coach bolts are designed to fix metal components like hinges and pad bolts to timber. The square under the head is designed to locate in the fixture and prevent the bolt from turning when tightening the nut. Sometimes people confuse them with coach screws, but there are multiple differences, with the bolt requiring a nut for fastening.

Available in bright zinc plated (BZP) and stainless steel. The BZP range is supplied with nuts but the stainless steel range is not.

Please be aware that longer sizes may not be fully threaded; they may have a plain shank like a bolt. If this is an issue, please contact us prior to ordering.

DIN 603, standard metric course thread. See our selected boxes below or find your desired bolt for tailored quantity discounts.

We would also recommend a washer under the nut, which are supplied separately. You will find these in the related products section for your bolts.