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FREE UK delivery on orders over £75.00 ex VAT
New corrosion resistant decking bracket from Fusion Fixings

Peace of mind with the NEW Fusion Fixings decking bracket set

New corrosion resistant corner decking bracket form Fusion Fixings

It's that time of year when the rain apparently stops, and many people’s attention turns to the garden. Decking areas have become a lot more popular over the last 10 years and can now be seen as a standard element to the external part of many properties.

If you are planning to install decking, whether it is revamping your backyard and making it more usable or creating a fun outdoor space for entertaining guests and those summer BBQs, having the right materials can make all the difference.

Decking by its very nature is versatile and can be constructed to fit the smallest or largest of areas, no matter the shape of the area available.

Building a deck is an exciting project that adds both value and charm to your outdoor space. Ensuring a strong and sturdy framework for the decking is essential for safety and lifespan of the decking.

One essential component that can streamline your decking construction process and ensure long-lasting stability is the new Fusion Fixings decking bracket.

A new decking bracket set that certainly offers peace of mind when building your decking.

What does the corner decking bracket set contain?

The new corner decking bracket from Fusion Fixings contains all the screws needed to effortlessly install the bracket and get the job done. No need to hunt around for the correct screw or wonder which screws are need. The set comes complete and ready to go.

  • 1 x Fully galvanised, folded decking bracket with precision drilled holes. Width (W): 138mm, depth (D): 52mm, height (H): 135mm
  • 2 x M10 x 90mm Coach Screw BZP
  • 2 x Form A Flat Washer BZP
  • 8 x No.12 x 1.5” Pozi Pan Head Woodscrew BZP
  • Flexibility in its use and can be used to fix the frame directly to the decking posts or as integral frame support
  • Corrosion resistant, fully galvanised decking drill holes
Corner deck bracket

Why chose the new decking bracket from Fusion Fixings?

There are many brackets and supports on the market but let us look as to why the new decking bracket from Fusion Fixing is a great choice to get the job done.

Strength and Stability:

The Fusion Fixings decking bracket Set is manufactured to provide great strength and stability for your decking framework. Constructed from high-quality materials, these brackets offer reliable framework support, ensuring that your decking structure remains sturdy and secure for years to come.

Simple Installation:

The Fusion Fixings decking bracket set has been designed for easy assembly with a user-friendly design that allows for quick and hassle-free installation, saving you time and effort during your decking project.

Versatile Application:

Whether you are working on some decking in your garden, a commercial outdoor space, or a DIY decking project, the Fusion Fixings decking bracket set is versatile enough to meet your needs.

The bracket is flexible in its use and can be used as a reliable corner frame support or as a bracket to fix the frame directly to the frame decking post

Corrosion resistant decking bracket from Fusion Fixings
corner decking bracket from Fusion Fixings

Corrosion Resistance:

Outdoor decking is exposed to the ever-changing UK weathers conditions throughout the year, from scorching sun to heavy rain. At time of writing this, it seems as though there is more rain than sun, but the Fusion Fixings decking bracket is built to withstand the elements.

A fully galvanised decking bracket manufactured in mild steel and specifically designed to withstand the elements with the galvanisation applied AFTER the item has been cut, folded, and the screw holes drilled. This means that even the cut screw holes are galvanised against the UK weather.

This gives peace of mind and ensures optimal performance and longevity, regardless of the UK climate.

Enhanced Aesthetics:

In addition to providing versatile structural support, corrosion resistance, the Fusion Fixings decking bracket set contributes to the overall aesthetics of your decking design.

With a sleek and modern appearance, these brackets add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space, enhancing its visual appeal and creating a polished finish.

New to Fusion Fixings growing range, if you are installing decking this summer and want peace of mind with a strong and reliable frame, this decking bracket set will get the job done.

Why use Fusion Fixings

Fusion Fixings is a family run business with over 40 years of experience in the construction and fixings industry. Our aim is to bring you a range of quality, dependable, fixings and fasteners at fantastic prices.

Quantities starting from just one to as many as you like, with bulk price offers across many of our products.

The range is always growing, and our aim is to ensure we hold as many items as possible in stock for a speedy dispatch.

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